Last Act of the Circus Animals

last act of the circus animalsLittle Black Cart presents a story for children of all ages! An anarchist Animal Farm.

2017 is the tenth anniversary of this touching, thought-provoking, and inspiring fable by two long-term political prisoners, Travis Washington and anarchist Sean Swain. Originally told in three pamphlets (and distributed by Anthony Rayson), this story has been making the rounds of prisons in the u.s., and inspiring prisoners, for all those years. Little Black Cart is delighted to present the full story in a single volume, with introductory comments by Rayson, Jeremy Hammond, and Comrade Migs, and many of the original drawings.

This is one more amazing example demonstrating that prison is not the end of radical, interesting, funny, and profound thought and activity.

All money will go directly to Sean Swain’s support fund when purchased from Sprout Distro.

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Affinity and Informal Organization

affinity and informal organizationIf the question is no longer how to organize the people for the struggle, we should talk about how to organize the struggle. We think that archipelagos of affinity groups, independent one from the other, which are able to associate themselves according to shared perspectives and of concrete projects of struggle, are the best way to pass directly to the offensive. This concept offer the greatest autonomy and the largest field of action possible. In the range of insurrectional projects, it is necessary and possible to find ways of informally organizing ourselves which would allow the encounter between anarchists and other rebels, forms of organization which are not destined to perpetuate themselves, but are aimed at a specific and insurrectional goal.

Includes several different writings from Europe, including Alfredo Bonanno’s “The Insurrectional Method”.

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