Black and Green Review #4 Out Now

Issue #4 of the green anarchist journal Black And Green Review is out now. This issue features the following content: Opening Editorial: Kevin Tucker Essays Fear Factor: Sky Hiatt Maps: Natasha Alvarez Toward a Feral Future: Four Legged Human Modernity Takes Over: John Zerzan Society Without Strangers: Kevin Tucker Discussion Response Frequently Made Assertions: Kevin … Read moreBlack and Green Review #4 Out Now

Announcing Black Seed Issue #4

From Black Seed: In This Issue: The End of the World? Activism and the Green Left An Introduction to the Anthropecene Interviews with Dominique & Knowing the Land is Resistance The Aftermath of the Katrina Disaster Anarcho-Primitivism and Green Platonism Nihilist Animism Reviews & More… Editorial: Is the End of the World Upon us? There … Read moreAnnouncing Black Seed Issue #4

Announcing: Black Seed Issue #2

From Black Seed Issue #2 has arrived from the printers and is available for bulk mail-order through Little Black Cart and soon to be available throughout the U.S. at various bookstores and social-spaces. We are excited to present you with another publication of green anarchy, a continuance of some of the conversations started in … Read moreAnnouncing: Black Seed Issue #2

Video: Industrial Civilization, Meat Production and Consumption

The following video—“Industrial Civilization, Meat Production and Consumption”—was produced by an anarchist group in Greece called “Sympraxis for the anarchy.” The video is a 22 minute look at the relationship between civilization, capitalism, the state, and animal consumption. It has English-text provided by the Contra Info translating project. We’re always excited to see anarchists experimenting … Read moreVideo: Industrial Civilization, Meat Production and Consumption

Interview in Riotous Incognitix

There is an interview with us in a new “queer, insurrectionary anarchist, vegan straight-edge” zine called Riotous Incognitix. The short interview with us is featured alongside interviews with a vegan straight edge hip-hop group out of Brazil called xBALACLAVAx, a piece on green anarchy and anti-civilization anarchy, and a report on the use of alcohol … Read moreInterview in Riotous Incognitix