New Zines: Don’t Be A Dick + More

We’ve updated our catalog with some new zines: Some Notes on Insurrectionary Anarchism –This is a classic accessible introduction to insurrectionary anarchism. It was written in the early 2000s and therefore doesn’t have the cumbersome rhetoric and language that characterized many of the later attempts to explain the theory. It articulates the basic concepts of … Read moreNew Zines: Don’t Be A Dick + More

Book Review: Translating Anarchy

As an anarchist who participated in the larger Occupy phenomenon (in my case, Occupy Grand Rapids) I never really followed much of what was happening with Occupy Wall Street in New York City. When the occupations spread across the country, my inspiration came from elsewhere, cities like Oakland, Seattle, and St. Louis seemed to offer … Read moreBook Review: Translating Anarchy

Openings: Anarchist Reflections on Occupy Grand Rapids

What follows is an account of Occupy Grand Rapids. While it has been two years since the start of Occupy in town, we believe the following is worth sharing because of the larger questions it raises about anarchist strategy. Hopefully folks learn something from it. It reflects the experiences of a few anarchists and their … Read moreOpenings: Anarchist Reflections on Occupy Grand Rapids

On Occupying in a Midwest College Town

While Occupy’s time has passed both nationally and locally, a new analysis published on the Michigan-based “Third Coast Conspiracy” is worth reading for its recounting of lessons learned from Occupy organizing on one of the large college campuses in Michigan. It doesn’t limit itself to the particular failings of the Occupy, but raises much larger … Read moreOn Occupying in a Midwest College Town