The FBI’s Entrapment Strategy comes to Occupy

Last month, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies targeted several people associated with the Occupy phenomenon with terrorism charges. In advance of the nationwide May Day General Strike actions, the FBI announced that it arrested five people connected to Occupy Cleveland whom it claims were dangerous “anarchists” intent on blowing up a bridge in … Read moreThe FBI’s Entrapment Strategy comes to Occupy

May Day in Seattle: Creating the Conditions for Social Revolt

Like many anarchists, we were somewhat surprised by the intensity of the black bloc actions in Seattle on May Day. Several businesses were vandalized and striking pictures circulated on the Internet (see for example a Crimethinc video on May Day 2012). Somewhat surprisingly—at least from the eyes of a town in the Midwest—Occupy Seattle put … Read moreMay Day in Seattle: Creating the Conditions for Social Revolt

Moving to Oakland vs. Creating a Network of Hubs

As anarchists living in the Midwest, we often look to other places for inspiration. Surely anarchist communities are “stronger,” “better,” “bigger,” and/or “more inspiring” elsewhere. In that spirit, we appreciated the recent article titled “Please Don’t Move To The Bay” excerpted from an upcoming anarchist journal from the Midwest titled Archipelago. It looks at the … Read moreMoving to Oakland vs. Creating a Network of Hubs

May Day 2012

Across the United States, anarchists participated in protests as part of the global call for a “general strike” on May Day. A lot of stuff happened: building takeovers, vandalism, unpermitted marches, etc. According to the leftist media, “tens of thousands” participated in May Day actions across the country. Those actions were largely organized by Occupy … Read moreMay Day 2012

5/10: Occupy Everything! Event

Here’s an exciting upcoming event on anarchists and the Occupy phenomenon: Occupy Everything: Anarchy, Occupy, & the Oakland Commune May 10 // 7 PM // The DAAC (115 S Division) Join Occupy Grand Rapids and friends for a discussion on anarchy, Occupy, and the Oakland Commune. Hosted by Aragorn!, editor of the new book Occupy … Read more5/10: Occupy Everything! Event