Black and Green Review #4 Out Now

Issue #4 of the green anarchist journal Black And Green Review is out now. This issue features the following content: Opening Editorial: Kevin Tucker Essays Fear Factor: Sky Hiatt Maps: Natasha Alvarez Toward a Feral Future: Four Legged Human Modernity Takes Over: John Zerzan Society Without Strangers: Kevin Tucker Discussion Response Frequently Made Assertions: Kevin … Read more

Avalanche #9 – Anarchist Correspondence Out Now

The most recent issue of “Avalanche – Anarchist Correspondence” is out now. This issue features writings from Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, and France. The publication — which has always been denied to increase communication between anarchists — elaborates on its goals in this issue’s editorial. Some contributors to the journal address the question of “internationalism” … Read more

Fifth Estate #397 Out Now

The new issue of Fifth Estate, the long-running anarchist publication, is out now. For a subscription or to order a copy, visit Contents: Insurgent Rebel Clown Army L.M. Bogad Cultural Appropriation & Shaming Rod Dubey The myth of Che guevara MLB Ukrainian & Russian Repression The Legacy of Omar Aziz leila Al Shami Left … Read more

Avalanche #8

Issue #8 of “Avalanche – Anarchist Correspondence” is out now. This issue features a lengthy report on the recent uprisings in France, and writings on Mexico, Germany, and Switzerland. There’s also an assessment of the project at 2 years, as well as an announcement that it will be changing to focus more on original writings … Read more

Wildfire #5 Out Now

From Wildfire: [Download Issue #5] (Prints 8.5×11) Summer is almost over but things are burning up in the prisons and in the streets. All around the United States, prisoners and comrades in the “free world” are gearing up for the beginning of coordinated anti-prison actions on September 9th, 2016. In just a few weeks, the … Read more