New Zine: Leftism 101

We’ve published another new zine, “Leftism 101.” From the intro: This pamphlet collects two excellent essays by Lawrence Jarach: “Leftism 101” from Back to Basics: The Problem of the Left put out by the Green Anarchy collective and “Anarchists, Don’t let the Left(overs) Ruin your Appetite” from Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed #48. We … Read more

New Zine: Anarchism – What It Is, What It Ain’t

We’ve published a new zine titled “Anarchism: What It Is, What It Ain’t.” It’s a reprinting of an essay by Lawrence Jarach that provides a short overview of anarchist principles and explains how anarchism differs from the political philosophies of “the left.” From the introduction: This pamphlet is a reprinting of an essay by Lawrence … Read more

New Zine: What Is Security Culture? A Guide To Staying Safe

 We’re excited to announce that we have published our first zine! It’s on security culture and provides a wealth of practical tips on organizing in a safer way to minimize the risk of government repression. We strongly encourage everyone to read the guide, share it with their friends, and incorporate the principles within. Recent instances … Read more