New Zine: An Activist’s Guide to Information Security

As resistance to the election of Donald Trump has spread across the United States, it’s been interesting to see an accompanying spread of discussion – at least in some circles – about communicating securely. While many folks – especially outside the anarchist space – continue to turn to Facebook groups as a preferred mode of … Read moreNew Zine: An Activist’s Guide to Information Security

Smash Facebook and Telephone

Re-posted from 325. For additional reading on this topic, check out the “Security” section of our distro: Smash Facebook+Telephone – use Tails and Jabber/OTR To avoid more repression from the police – think about your communication! The pigs get many informations through the unnecessary use of telephone and Facebook. Try Tails , it is … Read moreSmash Facebook and Telephone

Featured Zine: Deserting the Digital Utopia

“Deserting the Digital Utopia” is a zine formated version of an article published by Crimethinc in 2013. The zine provides an excellent introductory look at the role that computers, social networking, mobile phones, etc play in many of our lives. It’s a wide-ranging essay that covers a lot of interesting topics including social media, the … Read moreFeatured Zine: Deserting the Digital Utopia

New Surveillance Self-Defense Guide

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has launched a new and updated “Surveillance Self-Defense Guide.” The Guide explains in easy-to-follow language how to defend yourself from digital surveillance by using encryption tools and developing appropriate privacy and security practices. From a blog post introducing the guide: “In the time since the Snowden revelations, we’ve learned a lot … Read moreNew Surveillance Self-Defense Guide

“Know Your Rights” When Dealing with Police & Electronic Devices

Recently, the Electronic Frontier Foundation published a helpful “Know Your Rights Guide” outlining the legal rights that individuals have when police and other law enforcement agencies try to search the data stored on your computer, cell phone, or other electronic device. Among the topics covered are when the police can perform a search, what to … Read more“Know Your Rights” When Dealing with Police & Electronic Devices