Fifth Estate #391 Out Now: Anarchy!

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The new issue of the long-running anti-authoritarian Fifth Estate out of Michigan has been released. The Spring/Summer 2014 issue (#391) contains the following articles: Aaron Lakoff Responses welcome Wholly Shit – Church Reviews Stéphane Grand Jury Resister Freed Education as Domestication of Inner Space Layla AbdelRahim Agriculture History Misses Mark John Zerzan Ken Kesey & … Continue Reading »


New Zine: Mob Work: Anarchists in Grand Rapids, Volume 2

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The second zine in our four zine series exploring the history of anarchists has been completed. Mob Work: Anarchists in Grand Rapids, Volume 2 covers a number of different topics pertaining to anarchist activity in Grand Rapids in the early 1900s. We look at the Dutch anarchism of Hendrik Meijer (yes, of groccery store fame) … Continue Reading »


Podcast on the Differences between Anarchism, Communism, and Socialism

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Two recent episodes of the generally excellent Ex-Worker podcast produced by Crimethinc tackle a major issue in anarchist thought—the distinction between anarchism and communism and socialism. While the topic has been debated extensively over the past one-hundred and fifty years, going back to the era when anarchists first separated from the communists, it’s a topic … Continue Reading »


New Zine: Mob Work: Anarchists in Grand Rapids, Vol. 1

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We’re very excited to announce the publication of a new zine titled “Mob Work: Anarchists in Grand Rapids, Volume 1.” The zine is the first zine in a four volume set that explores the history of anarchists in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In this first volume, there is an overview of the project and the history … Continue Reading »


April Political Prisoners Birthday Poster

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The April political prisoners birthdays poster from the Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective: Hello Friends and Comrades, 1) Here is the political prisoner birthday poster for April. As always, please post this poster publicly and/or use it to start a card writing night of your own. 2) Our hearts are overflowing with joy that Eddie … Continue Reading »


Bros Fall Back

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Over the past several months, the zine “Bros Fall Back” out of Philadelphia has gotten a lot of attention. It’s gotten positive reviews (2), been mentioned in academic writing, and generated a lot of conversation about the racist, sexist, homophobic, and other oppressive ideologies and forces that often manifest themselves within anarchist, radical, and DIY … Continue Reading »


New Zine: Towards A Less Fucked Up World

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We have put together a new version of one of our favorite zines, Towards A Less Fucked Up World: Sobriety and Anarchist Struggle by Nick Riotfag. We recently learned that the version we have been distributing for the past several years was out of date and that an updated version of the text exists. We … Continue Reading »


March 2014 Political Prisoner Birthdays Poster

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The monthly political prisoners birthday poster for March 2014 is available now. Also if you need additional tips for writing to prisoners, we’ve made all of the prisoner support zines that we distribute available as PDF downloads. From the Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective Hello Friends and Comrades, 1) Here is the political prisoner birthday … Continue Reading »