Featured Zine: Blockade, Occupy, Strike Back

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With the a “state of emergency” declared in Ferguson outside of St. Louis and protests announced across the United States to coincide with the upcoming announcement of a grand jury decision in the police shooting of Michael Brown, it seems appropriate to feature a zine pertaining to street tactics. In recent years, one of the … Continue Reading »


Announcing: Black Seed Issue #2

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From AnarchistNews.org: Black Seed Issue #2 has arrived from the printers and is available for bulk mail-order through Little Black Cart and soon to be available throughout the U.S. at various bookstores and social-spaces. We are excited to present you with another publication of green anarchy, a continuance of some of the conversations started in … Continue Reading »


November/December Political Prisoner Birthdays Poster

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From Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective: Hello Friends and Comrades, 1) Here is the political prisoner birthday poster for November. As always, please post this poster publicly and/or use it to start a card writing night of your own. 2)  Please help raise funds for our comrade Andy’s legal fund. On August 23rd Andy was arrested while attending … Continue Reading »


Featured Zine: Writing To Prisoners FAQ

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As part of an effort to highlight different titles in our distro catalog, we’re going to be doing semi-weekly blog posts to “feature” different zines. This week’s featured zine is “Writing to Prisoners: Frequently Asked Questions.” Published in 2013 by Black Cat Factory with text borrowed from Leeds Anarchist Black Cross, “Writing to Prisoners” is … Continue Reading »


Interview with Crimethinc

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Recently, Mask Magazine published an interesting interview with Crimethinc. Much of the interview focuses broadly on the history of Crimethinc, its recent announcement of the outreach project “To Change Everything,” and the ways in which the collective has tried to expand the reach of anarchist ideas. Its always worthwhile to take the opportunity to reflect … Continue Reading »


New Surveillance Self-Defense Guide

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation has launched a new and updated “Surveillance Self-Defense Guide.” The Guide explains in easy-to-follow language how to defend yourself from digital surveillance by using encryption tools and developing appropriate privacy and security practices. From a blog post introducing the guide: “In the time since the Snowden revelations, we’ve learned a lot … Continue Reading »


Video: Industrial Civilization, Meat Production and Consumption

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The following video—“Industrial Civilization, Meat Production and Consumption”—was produced by an anarchist group in Greece called “Sympraxis for the anarchy.” The video is a 22 minute look at the relationship between civilization, capitalism, the state, and animal consumption. It has English-text provided by the Contra Info translating project. We’re always excited to see anarchists experimenting … Continue Reading »


“Know Your Rights” When Dealing with Police & Electronic Devices

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Recently, the Electronic Frontier Foundation published a helpful “Know Your Rights Guide” outlining the legal rights that individuals have when police and other law enforcement agencies try to search the data stored on your computer, cell phone, or other electronic device. Among the topics covered are when the police can perform a search, what to … Continue Reading »


Fifth Estate #392 – “Art & Anarchy”

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The Fall/Winter 2014 issue of the Michigan-based Fifth Estate is out now. This issue features: Letters Welcome to the Idiocene Max Cafard Logistical Anarchism Jeff Shantz VR Troopers Jason Rodgers Seattle’s Left Bank Books Sylvie Kashdan Anarchist Golf? Joseph Winogrond Free Marius Jacob Mason Dirty Yeti: DIY House Taylor Weech Death & Deadening Bryan Tucker … Continue Reading »


Fundraising Call for New Crimethinc Primer

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Over the years, we’ve always appreciated the work that Crimethinc has done in terms of spreading anarchist ideas. We have used their “Fighting For Our Lives” primer as a basic introduction to anarchy while tabling, at protests, and other events and have always been impressed by the quality and scale of the project (650,000 copies … Continue Reading »