Fifth Estate #392 – “Art & Anarchy”

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The Fall/Winter 2014 issue of the Michigan-based Fifth Estate is out now. This issue features: Letters Welcome to the Idiocene Max Cafard Logistical Anarchism Jeff Shantz VR Troopers Jason Rodgers Seattle’s Left Bank Books Sylvie Kashdan Anarchist Golf? Joseph Winogrond Free Marius Jacob Mason Dirty Yeti: DIY House Taylor Weech Death & Deadening Bryan Tucker … Continue Reading »


Fundraising Call for New Crimethinc Primer

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Over the years, we’ve always appreciated the work that Crimethinc has done in terms of spreading anarchist ideas. We have used their “Fighting For Our Lives” primer as a basic introduction to anarchy while tabling, at protests, and other events and have always been impressed by the quality and scale of the project (650,000 copies … Continue Reading »


Interview in Riotous Incognitix

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There is an interview with us in a new “queer, insurrectionary anarchist, vegan straight-edge” zine called Riotous Incognitix. The short interview with us is featured alongside interviews with a vegan straight edge hip-hop group out of Brazil called xBALACLAVAx, a piece on green anarchy and anti-civilization anarchy, and a report on the use of alcohol … Continue Reading »


New Web Host

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We recently changed web hosts and consequently things were a bit slow around here. However, we’re back and are now hosted by an excellent radical tech collective. If anything seems broken, please let us know. Over the next few weeks we’ll be adding new zines to the catalog, updating out-of-date pages, adding screen-readable versions of … Continue Reading »


Inteview on Anarchists, Indigenous People, and Pipelines

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The following interview as posted on AnarchistNews.org about a week ago. It’s worth sharing because it looks at how anarchists in the Occupied Coast Salish Territories (in and around Vancouver in Canada) have intervened in anti-infrastructure fights against pipelines and how folks have worked to connect with indigenous people in the area. Moreover, the interviewee … Continue Reading »


Guide to Cell Phones at Protests

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), an organization working to protect civil liberties in the digital realm, recently put together a “Cell Phone Guide for US Protestors” that offers helpful tips for those who find themselves in protest situations. It makes a good addition to zines we distribute on the topic, including “London Calling” and “Anonymity/Security.” … Continue Reading »


Guide to American “Red” Groups

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Over the past few years, there has sadly been an increase in the number of socialist political groupings active in the Grand Rapids area. While they tend to be small groups that have relatively limited influence and visibility in the larger community – seemingly content to pass out newspapers at demonstrations, organize speakers on college … Continue Reading »


Ferguson and Further

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Over the past two weeks, there has been a considerable amount of discussion about what has been happening in Ferguson in response to the police killing of Michael Brown. In many ways, the act is representative of how police function everywhere, both in terms of its daily brutality and in the brutal response to those … Continue Reading »