Fifth Estate Interviewed by Final Straw Radio

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Michigan is home to one of the longest running English language anarchist publications, Fifth Estate. The magazine is gearing up to celebrate its 50th anniversary this year, making it one of the few projects to maintain some degree of continuity across all that has changed in the anarchist space since the 1970s. Fifth Estate started … Continue Reading »


Featured Zine: The A-Zone & A Decade Of Anarchy In Chicago

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For our featured zine this time around, we’ve chosen “The A-Zone & A Decade Of Anarchy In Chicago.” The new zine is published by the Anarchist History Nerd Brigade and is one of several titles by that project aimed at uncovering more recent anarchist history. In anarchist circles, there is often a tendency to for … Continue Reading »


New History Zines in our Catalog

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We’ve added five titles from the Anarchist History Nerd Brigade to our catalog that cover post-1970 anarchist history in the United States. In total, the zines provide a starting point for understanding more recent anarchist history, something that has often been neglected by the general tendency of anarchists to focus on the more distant past. … Continue Reading »


New Project: Rent Is Theft

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We’re always excited to see new anarchist projects that attempt to break out of the status quo of the anarchist milieu. One such project that we’re pretty excited about is a new publication called “Rent Is Theft.” “Rent Is Theft” describes itself as: “…is an anarchist publication with the goal of combating private property ownership … Continue Reading »


To Change Everything: An Anarchist Appeal

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The video above was created as part of Crimethinc’s “To Change Everything” project. It’s an anarchist outreach project that combines the video with a printed anarchist primer. We’ll be tabling with the printed version of “To Change Everything” in the future and encourage folks new to anarchy to check it out, along with the excellent … Continue Reading »


Fifth Estate Spring 2015 Issue Out Now

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The newest issue of Fifth Estate—the long-running anti-authoritarian magazine newspaper based in Michigan, is out now. This issue’s theme is “Anti-Marx” and features a lengthy section criticizing Marx. We have a few copies of this, if you are in the area and would like one, get in touch. Also please consider subscribing to support this … Continue Reading »


New Zines in our Distro Catalog

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We’ve added some new titles to our distro catalog. They run the gamut from some really good studies of crowd control and riots by Warrior Publications, to an analysis of tactics in the recent post-Ferguson anti-police actions in Durham, NC, and a theoretical/historical discussion of the importance of “the barricade” in the revolutionary imagination. As … Continue Reading »


Featured Zine: Some Remarks on the Need for Open Assemblies

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Within anarchist circles—and especially broader radical political groupings—it is not uncommon to see calls for anarchists to “unite” around specific goals, politics, or identities. Historically, such efforts don’t go very well, resulting in a rather predictable series of disagreements or over-simplification of ideas for the sake of greater unity. In recent years, an alternative mode … Continue Reading »


Beat The Raid

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We were sent the following announcement about “Beat The Raid” and are sharing it because it’s an excellent example of how anarchists can respond to state repression. The project was started in response to police repression in Vancouver, BC against anti-pipeline organizers, indigenous warriors, and anarchists. Both the website and their zine “Raiding Resistance” (which … Continue Reading »


Featured Zine: With Allies Like These

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Over the past several years (or maybe even decades), the discussion of privilege theory and anti-oppression politics has become quite prevalent within the anarchist space. Many anarchists will speak to the importance of anti-oppression politics, but few take the time to consider the implications of the ideas or their origins. “With Allies Like These: Reflections … Continue Reading »