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Fifth Estate #384 (Spring 2011) Out Now

Cover: Fifth Estate #384 The spring 2011 of the long-running Michigan anarchist/anti-authoritarian newspaper Fifth Estate is out now. Among the many articles in this issue are two articles pertaining to Michigan: a look at Detroit’s Trumbullplex and the anarchist convergence that took place as part of the U.S. Social Forum last summer in Detroit. The rest of the content:

  • Tributes to FE staffer and Editor Don LaCoss (1964 – 2011)
  • Green Scares Updates – Marie Mason and Eric McDavid
  • RNC 8 – Settlement from 2008 Republican National Convention
  • The Haymarket Martyrs – Guilty, but So What?
  • Making Anarchist Media
  • DIY Sex – Sex with Someone You Love; yourself!
  • Q & A with Kathleen Hanna
  • Trumbullplex – Almost 20 Years at a Detroit Living and Performance Space
  • Supporting the Scene – Is DIY Anti-capitalist?
  • Anarchist Convergence at the U.S. Social Forum
  • Return to Self Reliance – Emerson’s Relevance to D.I.Y.

Book & Music Reviews:

  • Gustav Landauer: Revolution and other Writings
  • Mecca Normal: How Art and Music Can Change the World
  • Lierre Keith: The Vegetarian Myth
  • Ron Sakolsky: Islands of Resistance, Pirate Radio in Canada
  • d’bi young: Wombanifesto
  • Earth First! Journal, 30 Years of Resistance
  • Outlaw Midwifery

plus many letters and exchanges.

The issue is available for $4 ppd from http://www.fifthestate.org.

The next issue of the magazine has the theme “Visions of Anarchy” and Fifth Estate is looking for submissions.