Sprout Distro


We distribute zines via this website, in person, and via the mail.

Our distro focuses primarily on anarchist tactics and skill-building with the goal of increasing the proliferation of anarchist projects and activities. We have zines on topics including protest tactics and strategy, group dynamics, consent, prisoner support, security culture, etc.

Nearly every zine we carry is available for free as a PDF download.

We can also mail copies of zines to you, get in touch for mail order.

Recently Added Zines:


Accountability & Consent, Anti-Oppression, Direct Action, DIY, History, Legal, Organizing, Prisons, Security, Theory

What is a Zine?

Zines are self-published magazines. Most often, they are photocopied half-size booklets or pamphlets. For us, we trace the history of zines to the DIY punk scene and the production of zines as a way of transmitting information. Zines have been used by anarchists for decades as a way of circulating information and sharing ideas and analysis.

For more information on zines, check out “Zines 101 – A Quick Guide to Zines.”

Zines was added to Sprout Distro in 2012