Anarchist Zines

Sprout Distro is an online zine archive containing hundreds of anarchist zines. Zines are organized by topic and are available in PDF to download, print, and distribute.

A zine is a self-published magazine or pamphlet designed to be easily photocopied and reproduced. You can learn more about zines here.

Recently Added Zines

We also publish monthly articles highlighting zines published throughout the anarchist space. These zine round-ups include a wider variety of zines that don't necessarily fit within the scope of our project.

What is a Zine?

Read more about the history of anarchist zines and learn how to create your own zine on What is a Zine?

More Zines

Beyond the titles included in our catalog, you can check out Links page for links to other zine distributors or our monthly zine posts.

Suggest a Zine

Do you have a suggestion for a title that we should include in our catalog? Let us know via our contact page.

All Zines

We have a handy list of all zines in our catalog available here.