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What is a Zine?

Zines are self-published magazines. Most often, they are photocopied half-size booklets or pamphlets. For us, we trace the history of zines to the DIY punk scene and the production of zines as a way of transmitting information. Zines have been used by anarchists for decades as a way of circulating information and sharing ideas and analysis.

A longer definition from Zineworld:

A zine (pronounced “zeen,” like “magazine”) is a self-published, small circulation, non-commercial booklet or magazine, usually produced by one person or a few individuals. Zines come in all shapes, sizes, topics, and formats. Most zines are photocopied, but they can also be printed offset, like a magazine or newspaper. Zines range from handwritten and sloppy to cut-and-paste (text pasted on top of background images) to artsy with handmade touches to produced on a computer with a professional looking layout. Zines may incorporate screenprinting, linoleum cuts, and hand-stitched bindings. Most zines have print runs of a couple dozen to a few hundred copies.