Privacy Policy

SPROUT DISTRO does not log any personal data, nor do we profile anyone. Our site is hosted by a radical tech collective and the web server does not log IP addresses.

We do our best not to utilize any third party services that compromise user privacy.

That said, in order to get some sense of how many people visit the site, we use an open source analytics program called Piwik that has built respect for user privacy.


In order for our website to function, we use some cookies. The anonymous analytics mentioned above utilizes cookies, as do various third party services (such as YouTube) that are occasionally used on the site.

Additional Resources

That said, privacy is a process and not something that can be magically granted. We encourage visitors to read up on privacy, security, and anonymity on the Internet. A great resource is the “Surveillance Self-Defense” Guide published by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

If you prefer printed materials, we carry the following zines on the topic:

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