New Zines in Our Catalog

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We’ve added a bunch of new zines to our catalog over the past couple of days, including a few that we did the layout for and that haven’t appeared online before. The remainder are a mix of recently published zines as well as a few “classics”.

We encourage people to print these zines and share them with their friends, comrades, new acquaintances from the streets, etc. Moreover, it’s always exciting to see people using the PDFs on this site to help start their own distros and/or other projects. If anything has become even more clear over the past couple months, it’s that anarchists need to dramatically increase their visibility and capacity if we are going to be able to counter the challenges of the next few years.

In addition to making PDFs available, we can also send people printed copies if that’s helpful.

As always, we welcome suggestions about new titles to carry and new ways to distribute zines. We also like swapping stories about projects and whatever else. You can get in touch with us here.



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Zines and Pamphlets Published in December 2016

This is our monthly round-up of zines and pamphlets published by a wide range of projects within the broad anarchist space during December. This month, we were particularly moved by some words printed in the latest issue of the Transmetroplitan Review, an anarchist newspaper from the northwest. They gave a great synopsis of the importance … Read more

Avalanche #9 – Anarchist Correspondence Out Now

The most recent issue of “Avalanche – Anarchist Correspondence” is out now. This issue features writings from Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, and France. The publication — which has always been denied to increase communication between anarchists — elaborates on its goals in this issue’s editorial. Some contributors to the journal address the question of “internationalism” … Read more

Political Prisoner Birthday Poster For January 2017

From the Prison Books Collective: Hello Friends and Comrades, Here is the political prisoner birthday poster for January.(11″x17″ PDF, 5MB) Also available in color here, and as a PNG here (imgur link). Print it out and plaster your community, both in commemoration of these freedom fighters and to advertise locally for a political prisoner letter … Read more

Zines and Pamphlets Published in November 2016

The following zines and pamphlets were published in November of 2016 by various anarchist publishing projects. Please copy and distribute which ever of these titles seem interesting, use them to start discussion groups, and most importantly, as a means for developing the capacity to act. As always, please let us know about new titles so … Read more