Anarchist Zines & Pamphlets Published in February 2017

zines february 2017

Here’s our semi-monthly (only because we missed last month) round-up of zines and pamphlets published and posted online during February 2017. While they aren’t all explicitly anarchist, they should be of general interest to much of the broad anarchist space.

The brief descriptions aren’t intended to be reviews, nor does inclusion imply endorsement. We are operating from the position that anarchy is strongest when different tendencies interact and when ideas come into conflict with each other.

If you are looking for more zines, we also encourage you all to check out the recently launched Library on

If you have suggestions for titles to include in next month’s round-up, by all means drop us a line.

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How to Make an Anarchist Banner

Here’s a video that was recently posted on that offers some tips on how to make a rad anarchist banner: For more tips on making banners and using them, check out the zine “Banner Drops, Stencils, Wheatpaste, and Distributing Information” or the primers on “Banner Drops” and “Banner Hoists“.

Political Prisoner Birthday Poster For February

From the Prison Books Collective: Hello Friends and Comrades, Here is the political prisoner birthday poster for February.(11″x17″ PDF, 7.2MB) Also available in color here (11″x17″ PDF, 2.6MB), and as a shareable PNG file here (imgur link). Print it out and plaster your community, both in commemoration of these freedom fighters and to advertise locally … Read more

Black and Green Review #4 Out Now

Issue #4 of the green anarchist journal Black And Green Review is out now. This issue features the following content: Opening Editorial: Kevin Tucker Essays Fear Factor: Sky Hiatt Maps: Natasha Alvarez Toward a Feral Future: Four Legged Human Modernity Takes Over: John Zerzan Society Without Strangers: Kevin Tucker Discussion Response Frequently Made Assertions: Kevin … Read more

Materials Against Borders

From Below are two PDFs for decentralized printing and distribution during the ongoing struggle against the ban and the wall.  On the one hand, these are a little late relative to last weekend’s major clashes.  On the other hand, it’s obvious that this conflict will continue over many years – indeed, until the destruction … Read more