Updates on the Midwest “Finding Our Roots” Anarchist Conference

April 29, 2011

![Finding Our Roots Anarchist Conference - 2011](../../../../../uploads/2011/08/finding_our_roots.png "finding_our_roots")
Finding Our Roots Anarchist Conference - 2011
The group organizing this summer’s [Finding Our Roots](http://findingourroots.tumblr.com/) Midwest anarchist conference have announced [an update](http://anarchistnews.org/?q=node/14508) on the organizing so far:

So we’ve made it through Chicago’s winter and Finding Our Roots 2011 is starting to come together!

The dates are set for June 10th-12th and don’t forget we’re still accepting workshops! We are also seeking ASL and non-english interpreters for this year’s conference.

Lastly, because Finding Our Roots wishes to foster an intergenerational community of resistance, we are determined to create a conference that is fun for all ages. We act in solidarity with kids, parents, and caregivers, by supporting access to radical activities and ideas across age boundaries. This year, in an attempt to reach these goals; we are happy to announce the Playground Anarchy Camp (P.A.C) — a weekend of fun, games, and anarchy!

And just a reminder the theme of this year’s conference is SOLIDARITY.

The concept of solidarity has long been evoked as a way of uniting many different people around a variety of social struggles. But how does this concept inform our theory and practices as anarchists/anti-authoritarians today?

Submit proposals to: findingourroots (at) riseup (dot) net

Proposals should be NO MORE THAN ONE PAGE in length and should include:

1. Workshop title
2. Your name and contact info (and those of workshop presenter(s) if this isn’t you – though please make sure you have confirmed with all presenters BEFORE you volunteer them)
3. Workshop description, including an explanation of how your workshop fits into the conference theme
4. Questions to be posed/answered in the workshop
5. Main workshop goals , Workshop format (Will it be an open discussion?
Panel/roundtable? Lecture followed by Q&A?)
6. BRIEF reading list [optional]
7. Any special materials or equipment (ex: audiovisual) you will need;

Workshops are one hour and fifteen minutes (75 minutes) long. If you feel you need more time for your workshop, please explain why, and we will consider allotting a longer slot.

Updates on the Midwest “Finding Our Roots” Anarchist Conference was published on April 29, 2011

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