August Political Prisoner Birthdays

August 01, 2011

Anarchist B-Day BrigadeAs a reminder that there are many anarchist and other political prisoners being held in cages across the United States, we’re going to be posting the excellent “Political Prisoners’ Birthday” calendar posters as they are released.

The August 2011 poster provides information on five different political prisoners who are currently held in the United States. Please check it out and send the prisoners a card to let them know that their contributions to the movement have not been forgotten.

The calendar is produced each month by the Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective. They seem to do really solid and inspiring work and we strongly encourage you all to check them out. Free Radio Olympia recently did an interview with a member of the collective about their anti-prison and prisoner support work.

August Political Prisoner Birthdays was published on August 01, 2011

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