Grand Rapids Gets Some Recognition from The Hammer

August 09, 2011

The other day while browsing Anarchist News we came across a neat new project called The Hammer. It’s a new effort aimed at providing short reviews of recent anarchist publications including zines, books, magazines, and more. Hopefully, this will be the first of many issues to come.

Among the reviews in the first issue of The Hammer was a review of the Grand Rapids anarchist publication, Act/React:

Act/React #2, PDF, June 2011

I am pleased as punch to see an anarchist periodical come from my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI, a reactionary midwest town that those who can, run from as fast as humanly possible. This is an author-less publication and tends towards rants and first person accounts of the trauma associated with living in this society. There is an interesting glimpse into the GR anarchist scene (which is a phrase I never thought I would utter) with the article Reflections on a Worker-run business and revolutionary potential.
Download, Grand Rapids MI, General/Personal

Living in a relatively small town like Grand Rapids, feedback and recognition from other places is always appreciated. We hope anarchists in Grand Rapids will continue to struggle and fight – hopefully then, folks will plant roots rather than run away.

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Grand Rapids Gets Some Recognition from The Hammer was published on August 09, 2011

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