Fifth Estate #386 Out Now

January 16, 2012

Fifth Estate #386 Out Now

Fifth Estate #386 - RevolutionThere’s a new issue of the long-running Fifth Estatemagazine out now. The theme of the issue is “Revolution” and it looks to be a pretty good issue. We should have a few copies of this soon, but if you’re interested—please consider a subscription. It’s really important to support anarchist media.

FIFTH ESTATE Spring 2012 Vol. 47, #1 (#386)

Theme: “Revolution”

The Fifth Estate has always proudly displayed the FBI’s description of this publication as “supporting revolution everywhere.” Once again we are proud to do so. The world-wide surge against capitalism and its aggressive guard-dog, the political state, artfully poses the question of wealth and power where there was quiet only months previously.

The planetary 1% correctly sense the threat to their rule and have called upon their armored toadies to suppress it. The rich and powerful are correct in assessing the danger they face from popular revolt. Let’s make it so.


·Happy Birthday, King Ludd

·Revolution: Begins at Home

·Occupy Confronts the Power of Money

·Back to 1911 -Temporal Autonomous Zone

·The Empire Exits Iraq

·Biting the Apple — iPhones & iPads

·Marie Mason Update

·Women in Prison

·Myth of Entrapment – Eric McDavid

·Occupy Confronts the Power of Money

·Against Negation; Positively Revolting

·It’s Our World; Let’s take it!

·Review: Paul Goodman’s* Drawing the Line Again*

* *

·Declaration by the Ghost of Emma Goldman

·A Modest Proposal

·3 Anarchist Rebellions on Film

·Revolutionary Anarcho Primitivism

·Legal Update on Toronto’s G20 Demos

·CD Reviews: DIY Bandits bands

·Review: Cara Hoffman’s *So Much Pretty*

·Review: Jose Peirat’s *CNT** in the Spanish Revolution*

Fifth Estate #386 Out Now was published on January 16, 2012

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