Movie: The Oakland Commune

February 07, 2012

We saw this neat movie about Occupy Oakland over at and thought it was worth sharing. It does a really good job explaining how and why Occupy Oakland has turned out how it has by looking at how the occupation connects with ongoing social struggles in the Bay Area:

The filmmakers’ description:

On October 10th 2011, hundreds of people in downtown Oakland occupied Frank Ogawa Plaza in front of city hall. They built a self-organized tent city and began to meet some of the community’s most urgent needs. They renamed the plaza Oscar Grant Plaza in honor of a young African-American man who was shot and killed by BART Police in 2009. Although the action was partially inspired by Occupy Wall Street and austerity protests throughout the world, Occupy Oakland’s particular character resulted from years of struggle and repression in the Bay Area. This short documentary details the ongoing story of the Oakland Commune.

Movie: The Oakland Commune was published on February 07, 2012

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