5/10: Occupy Everything! Event

May 02, 2012

Here’s an exciting upcoming event on anarchists and the Occupy phenomenon:

Occupy Everything: Anarchists in the Occupy MovementOccupy Everything: Anarchy, Occupy, & the Oakland Commune

May 10 // 7 PM // The DAAC (115 S Division)

Join Occupy Grand Rapids and friends for a discussion on anarchy, Occupy, and the Oakland Commune. Hosted by Aragorn!, editor of the new book Occupy Everything: Anarchists in the Occupy Movement, this discussion will look at the flexibility, energy, and experience that anarchists brought to The Occupy Movement as it moved beyond lower Manhattan onto the docks and streets of Oakland, the town square of Philadelphia, and abandoned buildings around the country.

“The anarchists’ way of operating was changing our very idea of what politics could be in the first place. This was exhilarating. Some occupiers told me they wanted to take it home with them, to organize assemblies in their own communities. It’s no accident, therefore, that when occupations spread around the country, the horizontal assemblies spread too.” – From Nathan Schneider in The Nation

5/10: Occupy Everything! Event was published on May 02, 2012

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