Support the Cleveland 5!

July 22, 2012

Back in May of this year, five anarchists associated with Occupy Cleveland were arrested on charges claiming that they were planning to blow up a bridge. The announcement of the charges seemed planned to coincide with the May Day General Strike protests happening across the country and as more information came out about the charges it became clear that everything about it was coordinated by the government. The government paid an informant—who (surprise, surprise) has a questionable past of various criminal activities—to develop the plot and five people involved in Occupy Cleveland were eventually arrested.

If you haven’t heard about the Cleveland 5, we strongly urge you to check out their support group’s website at and to offer them solidarity. Additionally, several members of their support group appeared recently on the radio show “The Final Straw” to discuss the case in detail. They talked about the background of the case, the conditions the Cleveland 5 are facing in prison, their upcoming trial, and the support work that is being done. So far, the 5 have garnered support and letters from across the country, but more letters and funds are always appreciated.

Listen to “The Final Straw” interview with the Cleveland 5 support group:

Support the Cleveland 5! was published on July 22, 2012

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