Final Issue of Act/React Released

August 11, 2012

Final Issue of Act/React Released

ACT/REACT #7 CoverThe final issue of the Grand Rapids’ anarchist zine Act/React has been released. Act/React #7 is by far the strongest issue of them all.

The theme of the zine was “community” and there are several pieces that take up the theme in interesting ways. These include:

  • A report from a recent noise parade in solidarity with anarchist prisoners Marie Mason and Eric McDavid
  • A discussion of safe and sober spaces
  • An evaluation of the anarchist community in Grand Rapids
  • A piece arguing for radical print media in Grand Rapids
  • An article called “The Theory of the Bloom… Collective” that takes a critical look at The Bloom Collective
  • A piece that explores physical insecurity
  • There’s a lot to think about in this issue and hopefully it will spark some discussion.

Additional back issues have also been put online, with issues 4-6 now available. They cover a range of topics including patriarchy, Occupy, technology, and more.

In explaining their reasons for ending the project, Act/React writes:

This is the last issue of act/react! We, the editors, have greatly enjoyed working on this project and we appreciate all of your contributions, readership, and comments. As you may know, act/react began in the Spring of 2011 in response to police repression that specifically targeted anarchists and punks. We wanted to maintain an anarchist presence here in GR without folks fearing that the police would harass them because of their ideological affiliations. Well, the police are still here, but the anarchists are no longer afraid. We feel confident that the contextual usefulness of this zine has run its course, and there are so many projects right now that we think are more relevant to the current state of affairs in town. So grab some friends, start something rad, and don’t let your projects outlive their utility! On that final note, we move forward, with great expectations for the future.

– some GR anarchists

Final Issue of Act/React Released was published on August 11, 2012

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