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Fifth Estate #388 Out Now

Fifth Estate #388 Out Now

Fifth Estate #388We’re a little late in announcing this, but the winter issue of Fifth Estate (#388) is out now. It features the new updated design and layout and has a number of interesting articles:

  • Anarchist Violence or State Violence?
  • Propaganda of the Deed
  • Taking it OFF the streets! From Ritual to Resistance
  • John Zerzan in London
  • Vietnam: Gucci Meets Communist Revolution
  • Art in Support of Prisoners: Marie Mason update
  • Seattle Grand Jury Targets Anarchists
  • Life in the Body dump: Kelly Pflug-Back from prison
  • Operation 8: Terror Down Under
  • Cleveland 4: Invented crime claims victims
  • Drones: Death by Spreadsheet
  • The Sea by John Zerzan

Special Section on Anarchism & Education:

  • What Do We Learn in School?
  • A Short History of Schools
  • Anti-Authoritarian Personalities & Standard Schools
  • Quebec Student Strike
  • Unschooling & Free Schools
  • New Orleans Free School Network
  • Frontlines of Educational Revolt
  • Toronto’s Free School
  • Mexico: The Realities of Tourism


  • William Gibson by Paul J. Comeau
  • Miranda Mellis by Penelope Rosemont
  • Food Not Bombs by Dave Not Bombs

Check it out and please consider a subscription to support this long-running anarchist publication.

It’s also worth noting that Fifth Estate editor Peter Werbe recently appeared on “Anarchy Radio” to talk about the magazine.