Event: Jailbreak! Prisoner Letter Writing Night – 4/3

March 22, 2013

Event: Jailbreak! Prisoner Letter Writing Night – 4/3

Jailbreak! Letter WritingHere’s a great event taking place monthly at The DAAC (115 S Division Ave). The next letter writing night is April 3rd:

Come write letters to political prisoners/prisoners of war with us! The first Wednesday of every month we will be hosting a letter writing night at the DAAC from 5 – 7.

We will provide paper, envelopes, stamps, pencils/pens, and resources on political prisoners/prisoners of war.

In case you’re wondering what ‘Jailbreak’ is…

JAILBREAK is one of our many responses to the police state. From routine harassment that our communities face, an increasing presence of surveillance technology, and the inevitable threat of imprisonment–we experience a state of terror every day.

JAILBREAK is intent on raising consciousness of this. We reject the false idea of a “lawful” or “criminal” person. Instead, we recognize a “Justice” system that is racist, transphobic, and repressive of the poor. This system is one that acts to destroy our bodies, our will, and our very existence.

JAILBREAK exists our of sheer necessity to fight back and reclaim our own liveliness. We exist to share resources, provide support, and act in solidarity with one another as well as with all prisoners held captive by the state.

JAILBREAK is not the solution, but a temporary way to protect ourselves and care for each other until the state and its tyranny is abolished.

Event: Jailbreak! Prisoner Letter Writing Night – 4/3 was published on March 22, 2013

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