Political Prisoner Birthday Poster – May 2013

May 04, 2013

Political Prisoner Birthday Poster – May 2013

Political Prisoner Birthdays in MayThe Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective political prisoner birthday poster for May is out. Please take the time to send a birthday note to any or all of the prisoners on the poster.

Also, prisoner Jason Sutherlin recently released a letter that shows just how important birthday wishes and other communication with prisoners is:

“As a community and as individuals you never stop amazing me. The support and solidarity I have felt from all of you is nothing less than overwhelming and amazing. I have been receiving a steady stream of mail and books since being placed in my current institution. Y’all are bad asses! To all my birthday well wishers and all of you who decided “/b/ my valentine”, I love you all.

To everyone who just writes to let me know I’m supported and remembered, either at letter parties or on your own, thank you. I love your letters and appreciate each one. Whether you are telling me about your pets, passions, interests, views, hopes, trumpets, or arm wrestling tactics (that wrist thing is cheating btw)… I find them all interesting and often hilarious. I am unable to respond to all of you every time, but I want you all to know I value every word and you make my week every time I get a letter.”

For upcoming letter writing nights and other anti-prison stuff in Grand Rapids, check out JAILBREAK!.

Political Prisoner Birthday Poster – May 2013 was published on May 04, 2013

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