October Political Prisoner Birthdays Poster

October 04, 2013

October Political Prisoner Birthdays Poster

October Political Prisoner BirthdaysFrom the Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective:

Hello Friends and Comrades,

1) We have two versions of the political prisoner birthday poster for October. Here is one version as well as an extra spooky negative image one for Halloween. As always, please post this poster publicly and/or use it to start a card writing night of your own.

Some News And Updates:

2) Jorge Cornell, whose birthday was last month, was transferred two weeks ago. If your birthday card for him was returned, please resend it to this address:

Jorge P. Cornell #28152-057
3\) Political prisoner Herman Wallace of the Angola 3 has been given less than 2 months to live and he’s now on hospice care inside the prison. He, along with one other person, has been in solitary confinement for the past 41 years. He wrote this [heart wrenching statement](http://prisonbooks.info/2013/09/11/fighting-spirit-a-message-from-herman-wallace-imprisoned-black-liberation-warrior-with-failing-health/) recently and there’s some petitions folks can sign to try to get him compassionate release. Not to mention his birthday is in October so make sure to send him a card.

4) October 25th is the international kick off to the “Move Marie” campaign to have Earth Liberation Front prisoner Marie Mason moved from her special isolation unit is underway! More information on the campaign is available here.

5) Our newly updated zine catalog is finished, and can be viewed here or on our resources page. It includes a number of new titles, as well as some older ones that continue to remain relevant.

We’ll be trying periodically to post these new texts on our resource page, so that the pdf’s are available to other folks supporting prisoners’ organizing and political education. If there’s a specific title you wish to have a copy of, feel free to email us at [email protected]

6) The latest CA prison hunger strike has ended after 60 days. Check the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity web page for more updates.

7) Lastly, here is a link to the latest Political Prisoner/Prisoner Of War every-other week update by the NYC-Anarchist Black Cross. There are lots of important updates on many political prisoners.

Until Every Cage Is Empty,

The Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective

October Political Prisoner Birthdays Poster was published on October 04, 2013

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