Fifth Estate #390 Out Now

October 28, 2013

Fifth Estate #390 Out Now

Fifth Estate #390 CoverThe latest issue of Fifth Estate, the long-running anarchist/anti-authoritarian publication from Detroit, is out now. The theme of the issue is “MAD in all its variations.” As always, please consider getting a subscription and supporting the project.

Contents of the issue (we had a lot of fun doing the “Anarcho-crossword Puzzle”):

The Mutual Aid in Times of Crisis
scott crow

Mutual Aid in Action
Dr. Zak Flash

16 Theses on the Cell Phone
Jason Rodgers

“You are not welcome in New Zealand. Mr. Rovics.”
David Rovics

Grand Jury Resister
Margaret Killjoy

Policing the Crisis
Saint Just

An Anarchist in Palestine
Taylor Weech

An Anarchist in North Korea
Pierre Garine

“I Got Raped By That Pizza”
Rachael Stoeve

Fed Mail Surveillance
Leslie James Pickering

Move Marie Mason!

Fifth Estate on the Web
Quincy B. Thorn

Numb & Number
John Zerzan

Psychiatry’s Oppression of Young Anarchists
Bruce E. Levine

I was Corrupted by MAD (magazine)
Bernard Marszalek

Madness, Rebellion, and Community Gardens
Kelly Pflug-Back

Mutually Assured Destruction
Peter Werbe

Reasonable “Madness” of Revolt
Richard Gilman-Opalsky

The Poisonous Cobra of Surrealism
Penelope Rosemont

Patriarchal Terror & the Creation of Capitalism
Alex Knight

Making Anarchist Films
Franklin Lopez

An Anarcho-Crossword Puzzle

Fifth Estate #390 Out Now was published on October 28, 2013

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