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Podcast on the Differences between Anarchism, Communism, and Socialism

Podcast on the Differences between Anarchism, Communism, and Socialism

Two recent episodes of the generally excellent Ex-Worker podcast produced by Crimethinc tackle a major issue in anarchist thought—the distinction between anarchism and communism and socialism.

While the topic has been debated extensively over the past one-hundred and fifty years, going back to the era when anarchists first separated from the communists, it’s a topic that continues to be relevant to this day. Anarchists often find themselves participating in struggles in which communists and socialists are also fighting. At other times, anarchists are attacked aggressively by Marxists advocating various versions of socialist and communist theory, or we find ourselves in debates over tactics and strategies.

The two episodes of “The Ex-Worker” provide a good introduction to these debates, looking at the definitions of the philosophies in question and the historical debate between the anarchists and the Marxists. The podcast also offers a look at how these debates have played out on the ground, with particular attention focused on the Russian Revolution (by way of a radio dramatization showing just how bad the revolution was for anarchists). There’s also a brief discussion of how these differences influence anarchist action in the presence.

They are a perfect starting point for anyone who is new to the debate or for seasoned veterans who want yet another reminder of why we differ from the socialists and the communists.

Episode 1 and Episode 2 are available for download from Crimethinc’s website or iTunes if that’s your thing.