Cleveland Anarchist Bookfair

May 03, 2014

Cleveland Anarchist Bookfair

On May 9-11 the Cleveland Anarchist Bookfair will be happening. Since there often doesn’t seem to be a lot going on in the Midwest, it may be a good opportunity to connect with other anarchists in the region:

Cleveland, Ohio will have its first annual anarchist book fair on the west side’s Gordon Square from May 9th–11th.

There will be books, bands, workshops and more…

Speakers/ Workshops:

tom nomad – Author of “The Masters Tools“; Member of the Institute for the Study of Insurgent Warfare
B – CrimethInc Collective
Aragorn! – Little Black Cart;
Josh Eldridge – Animal Liberation Front Press Office
Keith Lamar – Political Prisoner
Kunta Kenyatta – Prisoner Rights Organizer
Beyond Self Care: The Subversive Potentials of Care: Crimethinc Collective
Introduction to Listening Projects: Beehive Design Collective


Beehive Design Collective
Little Black Cart
Cleveland Books2Prisoners
Animal Liberation Front Press Office
Crimethinc Collective
PM Press
Red Bird Prison Abolition
Burning River Anarchist Collective

Cleveland Anarchist Bookfair was published on May 03, 2014

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