4 Years on Radio: A Conversation

June 05, 2014

4 Years on Radio: A Conversation

The Final Straw Radio—an excellent anarchist radio show and podcast out of Asheville, NC—recently celebrated its four year anniversary.

In light of the occasion, the program took the opportunity to interview participants in four other anarchist audio projects: John Zerzan’s “Anarchy Radio,” the CrimethInc Ex-Worker Podcast, Submedia.tv, and Free Radical Radio. Billed as a discussion about “…the projects they work on, about the medium of radio and podcast, about what folks have learned while doing this work and about how we feel it fits into the anarchist project of the abolition of hierarchies, the state and capital, if not civilization,” the conversations offer valuable reflections on the work that anarchists do and how they work on projects. It’s a topic that doesn’t get discussed that often and it’s always a fascinating conversation.

You can download or stream the show from Archive.org.

4 Years on Radio: A Conversation was published on June 05, 2014

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