TCN Radio on Fire at the Mountain Bookfair

July 31, 2014

TCN Radio on Fire at the Mountain Bookfair

The most recent (and final?) episode of TCN Radio features an extended report-back from the Fire at the Mountain Anti-Colonial and Anarchist Bookfair that was held last fall in Flagstaff, AZ. The event aimed to foster connections and conversation around anti-colonial and anarchist struggles.

Since taking place last fall, we’ve heard good things about the event, notably on Anarchy Radio and Aragorn!’s blog. Consequently, we were very excited to listen to TCN Radio’s report-back which features a number of audio excerpts from the bookfair, including discussions on the Dine, O’odham, and Anarchist Bloc, decolonization and anarchism, John Zeran on anarchism, and Spirituality and Green Anarchy.

We strongly encourage everyone to check it out.

TCN Radio on Fire at the Mountain Bookfair was published on July 31, 2014

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