Fundraising Call for New Crimethinc Primer

October 11, 2014

Fundraising Call for New Crimethinc Primer

Over the years, we’ve always appreciated the work that Crimethinc has done in terms of spreading anarchist ideas. We have used their “Fighting For Our Lives” primer as a basic introduction to anarchy while tabling, at protests, and other events and have always been impressed by the quality and scale of the project (650,000 copies printed).

We’re excited to hear that Crimethinc is launching a new outreach project, “To Change Everything.” The project will include 100,000 copies of a new 48-page primer and a new video by, both of which will be translated into at least a dozen languages at their launch.

Crimethinc is fundraising via Kickstarter and we encourage folks to contribute if they have the means.

Here’s a video about the project:

Outreach efforts like this are essential, the anarchist space needs more projects like this. Crimethinc has always been among the most engaged in this realm and its exciting to see that these efforts are expanding for a new era.

Fundraising Call for New Crimethinc Primer was published on October 11, 2014

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