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Fifth Estate #392 – “Art & Anarchy”

Fifth Estate #392 – “Art & Anarchy”

The Fall/Winter 2014 issue of the Michigan-based Fifth Estate is out now. This issue features:


Welcome to the Idiocene
Max Cafard

Logistical Anarchism
Jeff Shantz

VR Troopers
Jason Rodgers

Seattle’s Left Bank Books
Sylvie Kashdan

Anarchist Golf?
Joseph Winogrond

Free Marius Jacob Mason

Dirty Yeti: DIY House
Taylor Weech

Death & Deadening
Bryan Tucker

Civilization & Collapse
John Zerzan

On the Sale of Bodies
Thaddeus Blanchett

Tune, Occasion, and Memory of Minisota
Josefine W.W. Parker (Voyager)

Love & Letters of Insurgents

Cazzarola!: Anarchy, Romani, Love
Steve Izma

The Failure of Non-Violence
Norma D. Kotomy

Political Music is Mysterious
Kristi Phillips

Fifth Estate on the Web
Quincy B. Thorn

Domesticated Animals & Us
Ian Erik Smith

No Dance; No Revo
Peter Werbe

How and why I wrote Cazzarola!
Norman Nawrocki


25 Years of Puppets
David Solnit

Surrealism is (Still) Elsewhere
Ron Sakolsky

Anarchist Art in the Gallery
Tom Nys

Anarchism & Yiddish Theatre
Jim Feast

As always, we have a few copies of this issue. Get in touch if you would like one.