Fifth Estate Spring 2015 Issue Out Now

March 08, 2015

Fifth Estate Spring 2015 Issue Out Now

The newest issue of Fifth Estate—the long-running anti-authoritarian magazine newspaper based in Michigan, is out now. This issue’s theme is “Anti-Marx” and features a lengthy section criticizing Marx. We have a few copies of this, if you are in the area and would like one, get in touch. Also please consider subscribing to support this nearly fifty year old publishing project.

Spring 2015 Contents:


Anarchy in Kurdistan
Bill Weinberg

Eric McDavid Freed!
FE Staff

Armed Madhouse
Bryan Tucker

Justice for Franco Fascists?
David Porter

Sam Mbah Dies
Kelly Rose Pflug-Back

Florida’s Burnpile Press
Matt Keene

An American Anarchist in Berlin
Rachael Stoeve

Society of the Spectacle Reconsidered
John Clark

We Lose SchNEWS
FE Staff

Debt & The Movement that is Challenging it
Alex Knight

FE History: God Gets Pied
FE Staff

Protester Cell Phone Guide
Electronic Freedom Foundation

Autarky in Scotland


Peter Werbe

The Myth of the Party
Murray Bookchin

Throwing Marx Out
Kevin O’Toole

Joseph Winogrond

The Practical Marx
John Zerzan

Marx Forgot Women
David Adams

Under the wall – Poetry
Lily So-Too

The Fall of Ekset City – Fiction
Margaret Killjoy

The Clash & Fifth Estate
Bill Blank

Live TV or Die
Andrew Smith

Riots & Black Block

The FE in Shorts

FE Staff

Fifth Estate Spring 2015 Issue Out Now was published on March 08, 2015

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