New Eviction Threat against the ZAD

October 26, 2015

New Eviction Threat against the ZAD

Recently, the ZAD (Zone a Défendre) a militant land occupation in France against and airport, announced that there is a new threat of eviction coming from the state:

Over the past month the Prime Minister, President, and pro-airport lobby have been increasingly vocal and clear about their desire to evict the zad and begin work on the airport as soon as they can. The time frame of January-March is recurrent in their public declarations. These are threats, not inevitabilities.

The anti-airport movement is strong and determined, but to avoid the hassle of an eviction attempt we need to show our force beforehand, locally and internationally, so the State understands that they’ll only fail again. You’re invited to make actions, spread the word, have big demos, show up at French embassies/consulates and offices/worksites of Vinci (the airport contractor), in a dissuasive phase- and also to plan in different towns and organizing groups what to do from the outside in case an eviction attempt goes through.

The ZAD and the struggle against the airport is inspiring, both in terms of its resistance and ability to unite different people (farmers, anarchists, radicals, squatters, etc) as well as its analysis which has moved far beyond being a single-issue campaign into something entirely different. The political approach is best captured in the frequently used slogan “Against the Airport and its World.”

While much of the information coming out of the struggle has been in French, there have been some excellent English language pieces. Recently, the green anarchist publication Black Seed featured the ZAD in its third issue, with two reflections on the ZAD and a timeline. Another more recent publication is the “La ZAD,” a printable publication featuring striking photography from the occupation.

In addition, two slightly older zines on the topic are worth checking out as well. “Against the Airport and its World” collects texts from the fall of 2012 coming out an eviction attempt. Another zine, “Breaking the Concrete” collects texts from a publication from the ZAD called Lèse Beton. Both provide additional background info on the struggle.

New Eviction Threat against the ZAD was published on October 26, 2015

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