Help Support Detroit’s Trumbullplex

December 29, 2015

Help Support Detroit’s Trumbullplex

The Trumbullplex—a long running anarchist space in Detroit, Michigan—is currently in the midst of a fundraiser. If you have cash to spare, please consider making a donation to support the project. Anarchist spaces like the Trumbullplex are important, especially in the midwest.

Maintaining a 122-year-old house is a time-intensive, often overwhelming process. Since it was first collectivized in 1993, Trumbullplex (AKA the Wayne Association for Collective Housing) has provided a space for radical folks of all stripes. We believe in creating revolutionary change through collective empowerment and the advancement of anarchist ideals.

In order to operate as a collective, however, we have to maintain our living spaces; Big House and Corner House. If you’ve ever come to shows at Trumbullplex, you’re familiar with Big House. Roughly half of the collective, though, lives in Corner House which requires a number of extensive repairs.

At the moment, we frankly do not have the financial or material resources to begin many of the repairs and renovations necessary. Work is particularly needed on the outside of the house; this includes additional insulation, new windows, window trim, scaffolding, salvaged bricks for the foundation, and new siding. As we collective members will be contributing our time and hands where we can, skilled trade work will be sourced from experienced members of our community. Your generous donations are instrumental in helping us purchase supplies, compensate labor, and rent the construction equipment necessary to carry out these renovations.

Thank you for your support!

In solidarity,


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Help Support Detroit’s Trumbullplex was published on December 29, 2015

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