Avalanche #7 Out Now

June 21, 2016

Avalanche #7 Out Now

Issue number 7 of the international anarchist publication, Avalanche, is out now. The latest issue features writings from Italy, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, Chile and Mexico.

Moreover, the editorial offers quite a bit to think about in terms of how anarchists relate to the current time:

These moments lived in this society seems exceptionally prolific to cynicism and defeatism. And I’m speaking beyond concerns for my own well-being. These are attitudes you can encounter daily, in the form of an aspirational “shrewder than thou” or as a passe-partout to stroll through life without hindrance. But also, more sincere, it follows as the result of various degrees of burn-out or disillusionment. The capacity to revolt cannot rely only on the optimism of uncertainty. While rebellion hasn’t lost any of its urgency, this alone doesn’t preclude one of heading into a dead end.

An anarchist position has to find its expression into actions, or it will be words in the wind soon proving their own flimsiness. The question then is how to? Moreover, how to intervene from an anarchist position in social relations? Because that is where the reproduction of authority is taking place. Against the organized dependency that puts us (alternately or even simultaneously) in the role of oppressed and oppressor, we should aim for autonomy. Starting from the refusal of representation and alienation, the attempt to to not let your life be molded by the demands and norms of this society. Maybe this used to be designated as individual emancipation. From this perspective, an anarchist project aiming for a social struggle encompasses direct action and informal organization, obstructing relationships of power to settle in. A rupture in itself, striving to widen.

For more issues of Avalanche, check out their website at Avalanche.Noblogs.Org.

Avalanche #7 Out Now was published on June 21, 2016

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