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Black and Green Review #4 Out Now

Black and Green Review #4 Out Now

Issue #4 of the green anarchist journal Black And Green Review is out now.

This issue features the following content:


  • Fear Factor: Sky Hiatt
  • Maps: Natasha Alvarez
  • Toward a Feral Future: Four Legged Human
  • Modernity Takes Over: John Zerzan
  • Society Without Strangers: Kevin Tucker


  • Response
  • Frequently Made Assertions: Kevin Tucker
  • Offshore Wind: Ian Smith
  • Means and Ends: Kevin Tucker
  • Meaning in the Age of Nihilism: John Zerzan
  • Without Adoration: Sine Cultus
  • Moralism: A Technological Problem?: Kevin Tucker

Field Notes From the Primal War

  • True Crime Case Files: Shutting Down the Tar Sands Pipelines
  • Shutting Down the Dakota Access Pipeline
  • Stemming the Tide: Cliff Hayes
  • Ecology of a Bubble: Kevin Tucker
  • The Hidden Ones from Ishi in Two Worlds


  • Becoming Nature review
  • Two European Thinkers to the Rescue!: John Zerzan
  • Children of the New World review

You can order a copy on the Black And Green Review website.

For an introduction to some of the ideas expressed in Black And Green Review, a recent interview with Kevin Tucker titled “Civilization, Climate Change, Resistance, Hope” provides a good starting point.