Issue #400 of Fifth Estate Out Now

February 28, 2018

Issue #400 of Fifth Estate Out Now

The latest issue (#400) of the longest running anarchist publication in North America – Fifth Estate – is out now. The magazine has been publishing for an impressive 53 years! The table of contents are printed below and we strongly encourage folks to subscribe in order to support anarchist print media.

The table of contents for this issue:

Dismantling the Patriarchy
Fifth Estate Staff

Trump The “Punk” President?
Brian James Schill

Tactical Voting?
Bill Weinberg

Ursula Le Guin
Paul J. Comeau & Andrew William Smith

People of the Earth – The Mapuche
Jesús Sepúlveda

Lima Anarchist Scene
Bill Weinberg

Solidarity with Political Prisoners

Authoritarian Personalities
Bryan Tucker

Esperanto & Anarchism
Xavi Alcalde

Giving Good Consent
Shannon Parez-Darby

Hong Kong @ Book Fair
Fifth Estate Staff

“This is Jail!”

Blade Runner (2049) – Review
Matthew Lucas

Church of Film
Matthew Lucas

No Gods; No Masters! – Review
Joe Nolan

The Something – Fiction
Rebecca Lee

An Anarchist in Poland
Norman Nawrocki

Q&A with Jordan Flaherty
Peter Werbe

Myth of Abraham Lincoln Brigade

Seattle Shooting Update

J20 Acquittals

Maybe the People. . . – Poetry
André Naffis-Sahely

Zine Reviews
Lena Kafka

Antifa Handbook – Review
Cody Constructor

Antifa Authors Meet the Profs
Paul Walker

Rebellious Mourning – Review
Lisiunia (Lisa) A. Romanienko

Russia Revolution Books – Review
Peter Werbe

Kids These Days – Review
Josefine W. W. Parker

Issue #400 of Fifth Estate Out Now was published on February 28, 2018

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