Anarchist Zines & Pamphlets Published in July 2018

August 01, 2018

Anarchist Zines & Pamphlets Published in July 2018

The following zines and pamphlets were published within the broad anarchist space during the month of July. We encourage you to print these zines out and read them away from a screen (maybe in the woods?). Use them to have discussions, as catalysts for new projects, as tools to sharpen your analysis, etc. We’ve heard that people use these posts to print zines to table at events with, to make packages to send to prisoners, and as fodder for those Little Free Library boxes that have become popular over the past several years.

If you have suggestions for titles to include next month, please get in touch. Previous months of these posts are available here.

Anarchist Zines Published in July 2018

Montreal Counter-Information #6

montreal counter-info #6This issue of the regular Montreal Counter-Information publication features reports and communiques from a number of recent actions in the Montreal area. The recent G7 summit held in June in Quebec City looms large this issue, with a statement from the “Popular Expression Zone”, a report of anti-G7 sabotage, and a banner drop. There are also reports on anti-fascist and anti-prison organizing. This publication gives a good overview of what seems to be a vibrant and confrontational anarchist space.

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Against the Machine: Selected Writings from Plain Words

against the machine zineThis zine collects writings from Plain Words – an anarchist publication out of Bloomington, Indiana – around the broad subject of technology. In assembling these pieces, the editors write:

“Rather than shame people for using their smartphones in public, these writings are meant to demonstrate what we have to gain by fighting against the techno-nightmare. Specifically, they describe how these technologies impoverish our relationships, and dull our capacity for combative social struggle.”

The editors explain that much of the theoretical writing in Plain Words has been about technology, so a collection critiquing technology seemed appropriate.

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SLAP Issues #8 and #9

slap issue #9These are two recent issues of the Squatters Action of London Action Paper (SLAP) which is a publication produced by and for squatters in London. The publications feature a DIY copy-and-paste aesthetic with updates on recently established squats and evictions, events of interest to squatters, squatting history, international squatting news and more. SLAP offers a nice glimpse into the squatting scene.

Download a PDF of Issue #8 and Issue #9

Against Eco-Extremism: Mirror Image of Civilisation & Religion

against eco-extremism coverThis is a collection of essays from the perspective of “anarchist-insurrectionalists and nihilist-anarchists” critical of the idea of “eco-extremism” that has gained some degree of notoriety over the past few years. The tendency – associated with the groups Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITS) and Wild Reaction in Mexico – was built on a practice of attacks (explosives, letter bombs, and murder) accompanied by lengthy communiques. The numerous essays in this collection respond from an anarchist perspective, raising questions about the eco-extremist tendency and engaging critically with their writings. There have been a handful of other anarchist critiques of this tendency, but this collection is the strongest. It also doesn’t come from a leftist perspective which allows it to move beyond the limits of some of the other critiques of eco-extremism that have been circulated.

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Fuck Abuse, Kill Power

fuck abuse, kill power zine coverThis is a zine by Crimethinc that responds to the discussions of sexual assault and sexual harassment brought to the fore over the past year by the #MeToo movement. Whereas much of the mainstream discourse has focused on individual behavior and highlighted the ways in which corporations and the the courts can respond to sexual assault, this zine argues that a deeper analysis is needed that situates these actions as a part of a system of patriarchy rather than discrete individual behaviors by a handful of bad men.

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We Are Being Doxxed: What To Do To Help Keep Each Other Safe

we are being doxxed coverThis is a short zine that provides a collection of helpful tips on how to avoid doxxing by alt-right and other adversaries. It encourages readers to take a minute to review their practices and to seriously consider their data security. There are tips on passwords, social media, email, and more. It is essential reading for anyone doing anarchist things in the contemporary period. The folks who made the zine have also produced a website – – that contains additional information on the topics discussed in the zine.

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Starting an Anarchist Black Cross Group: A Guide

starting an anarchist black cross zineThis is an excellent guide to starting an Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) group to do anti-repression work in solidarity with prisoners and broader struggles. It does a good job of explaining the type of work that ABC groups do (prisoner support and anti-repression) and offering practical tips and suggestions on how to actually do the work. It covers the history of the ABC, offers ideas for getting a group started and keeping it going, and includes a list of important resources. This is a very solid effort that will hopefully lead to the proliferation of more ABC groups.

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An Anarchist Report Back and Some Embedded Critiques of #OccupyICE Philadelphia

anarchists on #occupyice philadelphiaThis zine recounts the experience of some anarchists who attempted to engage with the #OccupyICE action in Philadelphia. In many ways the experiences related within are pretty predictable, as anyone who has been attempting to do anarchist organizing for any length of time has likely come into contact with the types of leftist protest managers described within. The protest managers and leftists are those who seek to pacify and control revolt rather than allowing it to spread with attempts at censoring individuals, using political maneuvering to marginalize anarchists, and snitch-jacketing being common tactics. However, the while that may be disappointing, the practical suggestions offered in the text are helpful and if the critiques are spread widely enough, it might mean that things go better the next time around.

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Return Fire #5

return fire #5This is the latest issue of Return Fire, an anarchist publication that is critical of civilization. The cover emphasizes the values of “anti-authority, daily revolt, individual will, and de-civilisation.” It has a number of articles critical of technology and civilization alongside communiques, action reports, and articles on the land. In many ways, it feels reminiscent of the publication Green Anarchy which was published in the early to mid 2000s.

Download PDFs of the Contents and Cover (Color or Black & White)

The Local Kids #1

This is a new anarchist publication that offers a number of texts that seem to be recently translated into English. They include writings on insurrectionary anarchism, technology, the repression around the G20 summit in Hamburg last year, and a critical engagement with the text “An Invitation to Desertion” which appeared in the new anarchist publication Backwoods. This is a promising first issue!

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Anathema – July 2018

anathema - july 2018 coverThis is the latest issue of Anathema, an anarchist publication out of Philadelphia. It features the regular action updates along with several articles relating to recent activity in the city. There are pieces on the #OccupyICE encampment and anarchists’ experiences engaging with it (largely centered on the conflicts and the anti-anarchist sentiment expressed by some of the organizers). There is also a short write-up on the queer anarchist group Bash Back! and a piece reflecting on a squatted garden in the city.

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Butterflies, Polyamory & Ideology: Letter on Inconsequence

butterflies, polyamory, & ideology coverThis is an English translation of a text that appeared in 2013 in France. It is a thought-provoking piece that aims to raise questions about the ideological relations that govern the modes of thought found in anti-authoritarian milieus. From the introduction to the French version:

“If this text is not just another text on the affects, it’s because it is foremost a text on ideology, on scenes and milieus, on inconsistency and leftism. The way it managed to echo many and varied situations that do not necessarily involve emotional relationships, but numerous other issues such as power relations, the conformity of an anti-conformist milieu, how alternatives become the norm, social roles, individual patterns of consumerism, struggles and the tools of struggles etc., make it a text whose primary purpose is to open a debate that will exceed it.”

This version was put together by Untorelli Press.

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The Struggle Against Fascism in DC: An Incomplete History of Anti-Fascism inside the Beltway

struggle against fascism in dc zine coverThis is a new zine by Crimethinc highlighting anti-fascist organizing in Washington DC over the past 20 years or so. The impetus behind this history is the upcoming “Unite the Right 2” event which is being planned by white supremacists to celebrate the anniversary of their 2017 rally in Charlottesville. This zine provides look back at the variety of forms that anti-fascism has taken in Washington DC. These efforts have ranged from street protests and canceling white supremacist speeches to community organizing efforts in solidarity with immigrants. It is a good reminder that anti-fascism was an important struggle before Donald Trump was elected.

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Socialism will be Free, or it will not be at all! An Intro to Libertarian Socialism

socialism will be free zine coverThis is a new primer on libertarian socialism (a term sometimes used to refer to anarchism) by the Black Rose Anarchist Federation. As such, it provides an introduction to their specific brand of anarchism which is centered on the working class. It’s heavily oriented towards the debate over the word “socialism” and whether or not that means state socialism, social democracy, or libertarian socialism. It spends a lot of time discussing state socialism vs. libertarian socialism while articulating a vision of socialism from below. It’s a relatively familiar argument for anyone who’s been around a while, but updated with a few digs at Bernie Sanders.

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There’s Nothing Anarchist about Eco-Fascism

there's nothing anarchist about eco-extremismThis zine produced by Its Going Down compiles two essays by author Scott Campbell critical of eco-extremist actions in Mexico committed by Individualists Tending Towards the Wild (ITS) and the various splinter groups that have issued similar communiques. The first essay “There’s Nothing Anarchist About Eco-Fascism” criticizes the actions of ITS, which the author declares are “proudly terroristic” and should be met with the same condemnation that anarchists use against the fascists of ISIS. The second piece, “Not Our Comrades”, focuses on the attacks that eco-extremists have undertaken against anarchists which have been both rhetorical and physical. Together, the essays call for anarchists to stop supporting and promoting ITS.

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Community Struggle and Political Repression in Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón: The Case of Miguel Peralta Betanzos

zine coverThis pamphlet provides a look at the struggles of the indigenous community of Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón and one of its prisoners, anarchist Miguel Peralta Betanzos. The birthplace of Ricardo Flores Magón, Eloxochitlán has been the site of intense struggle for community autonomy, territorial defense, and against the imposition of political parties. The pamphlet contains articles about the history and struggle of Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón, letters and statements from other political prisoners from the community, and a collection of writings by Miguel Peralta Betanzos.

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Wild and Criminal: Anthology of Prison Chronicles

anthology of prison chronicles coverThis is a collection of writings, reflections, and poetry from members of the Cimarrón Collective, a group initiated by the recently released anarchist prisoner Fernando Bárcenas. As they explain it, “In a certain way, this material is the result of constant efforts at the individual and collective reclamation of life, lived and shared in its own way so as to make resistance inside these walls possible.”

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Salvo: Summer 2018

salvo #5 coverThis is the most recent edition of Salvo, an “autonomous anti-capitalist newspaper and media project” out of Southern California. This edition includes articles on topics including: guns, capital vs. the environment, organizing in the Asian American community in the greater Los Angeles area, and family separations at the border. This issue also includes an interview with members of the Occupy I.C.E. L.A. Encampment.

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Atubes: July 2018

ATubes July 2018This is the July 2018 issue of the semi-regular “Digest of the Anarchist Tubes” published by This issue consists entirely of comments published on the website over the past month. None of the original articles are included, just a selection of comments. They range from one sentence to a paragraph long in length.

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Bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library – July 2018

KSL Bulletin July 2018The most recent issue of the KSL Bulletin features the usual mix of articles on anarchist history and reviews of recently published historical works. This issue features an interview with a member of Class War Bristol on anarchism in the 1980s, a review of the new book A Towering Flame: The Life and Times of Peter the Painter, a review of Albert Meltzer’s memoir of anarchists in London from 1935-1955, and a number of updates on new historical anarchist material available online. This remains one of the best sources for anarchist history.

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