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New Zine: Mutual Fire Brigade

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“Mutual Fire Brigade” was written by Cindy Milstein for the March 2019 issue of DOPE 5, an anarchistic magazine published in so-called London, and distributed free to those behind bars and those without homes. See dogsection.org/dope/. Jeff Clark kindly and beautifully transformed it into this zine. Here’s an excerpt:

“The question isn’t how to become ambulance chasers in relation to suffering, or how to accelerate social collapse. Rather, it concerns our desire and growing capacity to self-determine and self-organize within those fissures. Or rephrased, it’s a question of our desire and capacity to point toward a different fork in the road: fascism, extinction, or as a fellow troublemaker put it, ‘successful anarchism.'”

Download an Imposed or Screen Reading PDF