Principles of Solidarity In the Face of Fascist Repression

November 05, 2020

Reposted statement from the Bay Area-Anti Repression Committee

The Bay Area Anti-Repression Committee (ARC) is aware of at least 13 arrests by federal agents and US Marshals across the West Coast in the last few weeks. These arrests are directly related to protests surrounding the 2020 uprisings against white supremacy and police murders. There have been multiple raids on homes of activists in which computers, video footage, cell phones, books, clothing and other political “indicia” were taken and used to further support arguments of probable cause. A federal grand jury has been convened, and at least 2 grand jury subpoenas have been issued along with other protest related indictments. Local and federal law enforcement are combing through social media and other online data to gather intelligence on activists, and are using satellite and location technology to justify arrests. ARC takes a principled position of non-cooperation with any form of law enforcement.

We enact these principles of solidarity with one another by recognizing our individual and collective responsibility not to incriminate our fellow protesters, regardless of individual tactics, and hereby agree that:

  1. We will not talk to the police about our comrades – this includes all levels of local, state and federal law enforcement, jail staff, Immigration & Custom Enforcement, Customs and Border Protection, Internal Affairs, and the Citizen Police Review Board.

  2. We will not post potentially incriminating information, or post incriminating video footage about our comrades on the internet, on social media, via live stream, or in any published articles (This includes any forms of information posted on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Signal, blogs, emails, text messages, etc.)

  3. If we are contacted or questioned by federal law enforcement we will immediately report this to the NLG federal hotline at 415-285-1041 to get legal support. If we are contacted by the DA or local law enforcement we will report this to the NLG public hotline at (415) 909-4NLG. We will also inform our community and be transparent about what questions were asked and how we answered so that all those involved can take the necessary precautions and make appropriate safety plans.

  4. We will never publicize peoples arrests or other private legal information without their direct consent. For example, if someone we know has been arrested, we won’t spread that information on social media because doing so could expose them to doxxing and other consequences. We will only create crowdsourced bail funds, or reach out to local bail organizations with the consent of the arrestee.

  5. We will build a culture of solidarity by being vocal when our community does not live up to the above principles. For example, we will call out movement live-streamers and people who post incriminating footage. We will explain to people using their cameras at protests why their actions are dangerous. We will be careful not to spread unsubstantiated rumors about other activists, but we will call out snitches when we have solid evidence of cooperation with the state.

  6. We also enact this principle of solidarity through the support and care we provide for one another in the face of repression. Depending on circumstances, this can look like: showing up in person or online for court support, building a public campaign with the consent of the arrestee, picking comrades up from jail, making jail visits, writing letters to incarcerated people, contributing to commissary and/or bail and helping people take care of their pets or family members.

In the Face of Fascist Repression – the Principle of Solidarity.

Principles of Solidarity In the Face of Fascist Repression was published on November 05, 2020

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