Anarchist Zines & Pamphlets Published in October

November 14, 2021

Anarchist Zines & Pamphlets Published in October

The following zines were published within the broad anarchist space over the past month. We encourage folks to read and share these as they see fit.

You can view past round-ups and you can submit zines for inclusion next month.

Zines Released in October 2021

Street Warfare in Portland: A Manual of Military Strategy

Cover: Street Warfare in Portland: A Manual of Military Strategy

This zine appeared on Rose City Counter Info. The description reads:

Military doctrine is a practical application, as practical as engineering or chemistry. It can be applied to evil ends or good ones, and regardless of the ends, it is real whether you believe in it or not, and it will be applied to you by the pigs whether or not you choose to apply it for yourself. The purpose of this brief manual is to lay out the basics of military doctrine and strategy for the benefit of street rebels, and to apply these practically to some events that have occurred recently in the city of Portland

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Anathema – October 2021

Cover: Anathema – October 2021

The latest issue of Anathema, an anarchist publication out of Philadelphia features action reports along with a number of articles covering a range of different topics. Articles cover hedonistic outlaw culture in Philadelphia, 5G and the anarchist fight against it, sabotage as a form of boycott/strike support, the return to capitalist normality after the COVID lockdowns, a review of the “It Could Happen Here” podcast, and more.

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In the Blistering Heat: Green Technology Will Not Save the Desert

Cover: In the Blistering Heat: Green Technology Will Not Save the Desert

This zine addresses recent proposals to replace the border wall in the southwestern United States with a “solar wall.” Under this proposal, the border wall would be replaced with a “sea of solar panels” to stimulate the border economy and generate “green jobs” and “green energy” for those living nearby. The zine critiques the plan, arguing that this is just as destructive and continues to promote the same techno-industrial colonialism. It’s a solidly anti-civilization critique that centers the land.

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Antifa, Autism, and the Border Wall Around Punk

Cover: Antifa, Autism, and the Border Wall Around Punk

This essay from the “Anarchism and Punk Book Project” is a personal reflection on the author’s involvement in the punk scene and antifascist politics. It explores the challenges in finding a sense of belonging in both communities as a neuro-divergent person. At once both a critique and a celebration, this text will likely resonate with many readers.

An excerpt:

In escaping my old limitations and embracing my way of being, the antifascists and anarchists I have ended up closest to are the ones comfortable in the hinterlands outside the walls. I like the oogles and the prophets who prefer vagrancy to settling, who don’t invert rules but destroy them. We are undefinable, angry, passion- ate queers most comfortable on the move and see safety not in the presence of walls but in doors and the ability to leave when we choose. We cheer the crashing down of borders, windows, white- ness, and gender because we know they are traps. We fight fascists and burn prisons. We are kind, curious, thoughtful, violent, and insane.

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The Dustbin Manifesto

Cover: The Dustbin Manifesto

The Dustbin Manifesto traces the author’s evolution from a teenage punk dabbling in anarchist music to a young adult with more fleshed out anarchist politics. It moves through their reading of various anarchist texts (Emma Goldman and Noam Chomsky are among the authors cited) and their growth as a result of what they are learning. The zine ends with the author giving their thoughts on the path forward for anarchists. It tends towards the direction of more “positive” anarchism focused on “building” and “dual power.” At one point, the author even floats the possibility of anarchists taking positions in local government.

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