May Day 2011 Report Back

May 04, 2011

Photo: May Day 2011 in Grand RapidsA number of folks came out to the May Day celebration in Grand Rapids organized by the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). A variety of different groups and organizations had a presence including Food Not Bombs, Bartertown Diner, and The Bloom Collective. Amidst the bands and information tables, there was a Really, Really Free Market and plenty of time for socializing. The Grand Rapids IWW has said that this will be a yearly event and there is certainly the potential for it to grow into something bigger.

For our part, the Sprout Anarchist Collective distributed a number of different zines on what anarchism is and anarchist methods of organizing. We had many good conversations with folks and it felt good to be talking about anarchy after months of feeling weighed down by government repression.

An interview with a member of the Grand Rapids IWW about May Day was conducted by GRIID.ORG and is reposted below:

May Day 2011 Report Back was published on May 04, 2011

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