New Zine: Small Town Organizing for Anarchists

February 24, 2012

Cover: Small Town Organizing for AnarchistsWe’re really excited to share a new zine with folks titled Small Town Organizing for Anarchists.

This zine contains a wealth of helpful suggestions for anarchists living in small towns who want to create anarchy. Topics covered include finding other anarchists, deciding on what projects to work on, figuring out how to relate to liberals, and doing a distro—this zine is full of good ideas and advice.

Not only for small towns, the authors of the zine state: “If you can count the active anarchists in your areas on your fingers, this guide is for you.”

The text originally appeared in Rolling Thunder #7. It was accompanied by an examination of anarchist organizing in the small town of Winona, Minnesota where the author(s) are based.

Get it from us or from Zinelibrary.

New Zine: Small Town Organizing for Anarchists was published on February 24, 2012

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