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“The ABCs of Occupy” Coloring Book: A Fun Project from Occupy Grand Rapids

The ABCs of Occupy CoverWe’re excited about a new “unofficial” project that has come out of Occupy Grand Rapids: “The ABCs of Occupy: A Coloring Book for the 99%.” It’s a coloring book designed to promote and explain the broad collection of ideas that make up Occupy.

As an example, “A” is for the “awesome anarchists” who taught Occupy consensus:

![The ABCs of Occupy: A Is For Anarchists](../../../../../uploads/2012/04/abcs_occupy_a_anarchists.jpg "abcs_occupy_a_anarchists")
The ABCs of Occupy: A Is For Anarchists
Other letters include “F” for “Food Not Bombs,” “N” for “Nocturnal Ninjas,” “R” for “Revolutionary Really Really Free Markets,” “P” for “Pigs,” and more. It’s really a fun project that communicates many of the ideas and values present in Occupy Grand Rapids. We definitely encourage folks to check it out.

On a more serious note, it’s really interesting to read in terms of how anarchist ideas and concepts have permeated Occupy Grand Rapids. We also recommend that folks check out the Occupocalypse! zine put out by folks involved with Occupy.