From the Archives: The Radical Cheerbook

May 15, 2012

Radical Cheerbook CoverThis is a neat zine that we found in a dusty old filing cabinent and thought was worth putting back into circulation.

The Radical Cheerbook is a collection of cheers intended to be used by radical cheerleaders at anti-capitalist protests. Radical Cheerleading is a tactic aimed at bringing energy and excitement to what might otherwise be stale and boring protests. An old radical cheerleaders website describes it as “…Protest+Performance. It’s activism with pom poms and middle fingers extended. It’s screaming FUCK CAPITALISM while doing a split.”

The Radical Cheerbook features dozens of cheers promoting anarchy, feminism, bikes, and more while opposing cops, patriarchy, and homophobes.

Get it from us or on ZineLibrary.

From the Archives: The Radical Cheerbook was published on May 15, 2012

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