New Zine: Collectives: Anarchy Against the Mass

November 16, 2012

New Zine: Collectives: Anarchy Against the Mass

Collectives: Anarchy Against The MassWe’ve just put together a new zine titled Collectives: Anarchy Against The Mass. It presents a basic introductory argument in favor of collectives and against the faceless mass-based organizing approach:

“Collectives are small efficient means of organizing that provide practical examples of counter-institutions that are egalitarian, voluntary, and anti-authoritarian. Collectives work and they prove that anarchy works, and that’s one of the best weapons we have against both capitalism and the Marxist-Leninoid version of “Revolution.” Collectives demonstrate that people can organize their lives together in ways that do not oppress or exploit anyone and that encourage the full and free participation of people in things that affect their everyday lives.”

Download, or order it from us—or check it out on Zine Library.

New Zine: Collectives: Anarchy Against the Mass was published on November 16, 2012

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