New Zine: Why Civilization?

November 16, 2012

New Zine: Why Civilization?

Why Civilization?We’re excited to announce our newest zine, Why Civilization?

The zine presents a short introduction to the anti-civilization perspective and is designed to be easily reproducible (it’s only 4 pages). Its focus is on passion and excitement–we believe the case against civilization is made pretty clear when one looks at everything that surrounds us, there’s really no need for boring people with facts about how bad everything is.

From the zine:

“We believe anarchy to be the ultimate liberatory experience and our natural condition. Before, and outside of, civilization (and it’s corrupting influences), humans were, and are, for lack of better terms, anarchistic. For most of our history we lived in small-scale groupings which made decisions face-to-face, without the mediation of government, representation, or even the morality of an abstract thing called culture. We communicated, perceived, and lived in an unmediated, instinctual, and direct way. We knew what to eat, what healed us, and how to survive. We were part of the world around us. There was no artificial separation between the individual, the group, and the rest of life.

… we can’t just break out of our own cages (although we’re helpless unless we start there), but we gotta bust down the whole fuckin’ place, feast on the zoo keepers and those who run and benefit from it, and become wild again (whatever that means to you!). We cannot reform civilization, green it up, or make it more fair. It is rotten to the core. We don’t need more ideology, morality, fundamentalism or better organization to save us. We must save ourselves. We have to live according to our own desires. We have to connect with ourselves, those we care about, and the rest of life. We have to break out of, and break down, this reality. We need Action.

To put it simply, civilization is a war on life, we are fighting for our lives, and we declare war on civilization!”

Download or order it from us—or check it out on Zine Library.

New Zine: Why Civilization? was published on November 16, 2012

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