New Zine: Mass, The Left, And Other Walking Fossils

November 21, 2012

New Zine: Mass, The Left, And Other Walking Fossils

Mass, The Left, And Other Walking FossilsOur newest zine—*Mass, The Left, And Other Walking Fossils—*is a selection of writings by the Curious George Brigade that originally appeared in the book Anarchy In The Age Of Dinosaurs. We’re reprinting them because provide a good starting point for an anti-leftist anarchist perspective: it rejects the idea of “the mass,” the notion of duty, single-issue campaigns, compromise, coalitions, permanence, false unity, etc. In their place, they offer a vision of anarchy based on affinity, decentralization, informal networks, and autonomy.

From the introduction:

The stale ritual of marching in empty streets, holding picket signs on a corner, meetings that never seem to end, the endless presentation of “facts” and “figures,” the appeals to reason and conscience, the empty pleas for solidarity, the market of causes, the campaigns, the sacrifice, the feelings of duty and compulsion, etc. These are characteristics of “the left.” Presented as part of an ongoing narrative in which things are always getting better—and we’re always making progress—the left presents a never-ending series of empty forms and passionless gestures. In its worst manifestation it offers simply a change in management (i.e. the party bosses instead of capitalist ones), while all varieties—including leftist anarchism—take our current way of life as a given and believe that we can (some how) manage a mass technological society “democratically.”

Most of have (unfortunately) experience with “the left,” and the memories hurt. For each of us that have sworn off those forms and have rejected the dinosaurs of the left, there is sadly new prey every day. The Left inserts itself into any social struggle, constantly trying to bring people “into the fold” of traditional leftist activism. They were waiting in the wings in Occupy, in the student occupations of 2009, the anti-globalization movement, and more (even here in our home in little ole grand rapids). Wherever there is energy, they intervene—not to increase the intensity of the struggle—but to blunt it with calls for moderation, more education, more talk, and more boring meetings. No matter how many times their ideologies and tactics fail, they seem to come lumbering back.

When will it end?

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New Zine: Mass, The Left, And Other Walking Fossils was published on November 21, 2012

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