New Zine: Towards A Less Fucked Up World

March 06, 2014

New Zine: Towards A Less Fucked Up World

Towards A Less Fucked Up World CoverWe have put together a new version of one of our favorite zines, Towards A Less Fucked Up World: Sobriety and Anarchist Struggle by Nick Riotfag.

We recently learned that the version we have been distributing for the past several years was out of date and that an updated version of the text exists. We put together a new edition with that combines the revised text with an afterward that reflects on the zine and some of the conversations that it has inspired. We’ve always found that Towards A Less Fucked Up World has inspired considerable interest and many good conversations, hopefully this version will continue that.

We strongly encourage folks to check out the zine as it provides one of the most thoughtful discussions of the role of intoxication culture within anarchist circles that we have seen. Topics covered include “Masculinity, Rape, and Intoxication,” “Youth Liberation and Sobriety,” “Intoxication and Corporate Culture,” “Intoxication and Social Life,” “Intoxication in Oppressed Communities,” and many more. There are also two stories detailing how intoxication often plays out in anarchist communities and reflections on how to develop an anarchist sobriety.

You can download the imposed PDF for printing or get in touch to get a physical copy.

New Zine: Towards A Less Fucked Up World was published on March 06, 2014

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