Rolling Thunder #11 Out Now

April 26, 2014

Rolling Thunder #11 Out Now

A new issue of Crimethinc’s always excellent Rolling Thunder journal is out now. The eleventh issue of the journal features excellent articles mixed with often stunning photographs, including recent writings such as the “After the Crest” series Crimethinc wrote about the decline of social movements and the “Deserting the Digital Utopia” essay exploring digital culture. In addition, Rolling Thunder has a report from the Taksim Square resistance in Turkey over the summer and an overview of anarchism in Israel. There is also a long feature on anarchist resistance to gentrification that raises general theoretical and strategic questions for anarchists presented alongside an account of an anti-gentrification effort targeting a development in North Carolina. Rounding out the issue are a few reviews and a piece called “Ain’t No P.C. Gonna Fix It Baby” that critiques ally politics.

You can subscribe or order it from Crimethinc.

Rolling Thunder #11 Out Now was published on April 26, 2014

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